The Certainty of Uncertainty

The Certainty of Uncertainty Revisited

The US, world economies, and markets are faced with different uncertainties every day, creating anxiety for investors. In the past few years, with recent news events unfolding, we have faced a myriad of uncertainties, such as:

  • BREXIT- The United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union
  • A contentious Presidential campaign
  • The on-going battle with ISIS
  • Home-grown terrorism
  • Tensions with North Korea
  • Slow US economic growth
  • Political gridlock in the US

What is the point of all of this?

There will continue to be volatility, bumps and uncertainty in the investing world as long as there are politics, international crises and natural disasters to deal with. However, the world keeps moving forward. Huge technology improvements create more opportunities for growth. Millions of people around the globe are moving into the middle class with disposable income and money to spend. Throughout history, despite the uncertainties being faced, people have continued to move forward, strived to improve their position in life, and make life better for future generations despite the uncertainties being faced.

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