Debit/ATM Cards

The key to your checking account.


Get fast and convenient access to your checking account with your free Mill City MastercardĀ® debit card. They’re simple to use for buying things, no checks to write!

The Mill City debit card makes it easy to:

  • Make purchases in-store and online
  • Get cash at ATMs
  • Get cash back with purchases in-store
  • Protect against unauthorized use with Mastercard SecureCodeā„¢

Debit or credit? When you use your card at retailers, you can choose how the transaction is processed. Select “debit,” and the funds will be withdrawn from your checking account immediately. Choose “credit” to have the transaction authorized by your signature, so it will clear your account in a day or two, similar to writing a check.

Convenient cash-back option. Not only can you make purchases in-store with your card, you can get cash back on the same trip! Simply choose “Debit” and enter your PIN. The cash back is added to your total, which is then debited from your checking account. And best of all, there’s no fee for this convenience!

Get a Debit/ATM Card Open Checking Account

ATM-only card

Need cash access, but don’t have a Mill City checking account? You can request a debit card that only functions at ATMs, which will draw the funds from your share savings account.

Lost or stolen card?
If you believe your debit/ATM card has been lost or stolen, call 800-472-3272 immediately. Be sure to provide any details (i.e., your card number and the last place you used it), and a representative will help get you a replacement as quickly as possible.