Year End Tax Time

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If during the past year you’ve had a big life event—like having a baby or getting a big bump up in salary—it’s time to focus on next year’s taxes.

Look Out For Porch Pirates

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The holiday season is a wonderful time of year, but it isn’t some alternate reality where bad things don’t happen. Hazards, both financial and physical, are always there. And there will always be some Scrooges out there who — unfortunately — are intent on ruining everyone else’s fun.

Avoiding a Financial Holiday Hangover

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Avoid or reduce buyer’s remorse once the holiday bills start rolling in. Here are a few ways to make sure the joy of the season doesn’t lead to a fiscal headache in the New Year.

Is five minutes worth the opportunity to save money?

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Would you spend a few minutes each week clipping coupons? Would you drive a little farther to save a few pennies per gallon on gas? What about downgrading your cell phone plan? Or shopping around for cheaper insurance?

Toss or Shred?

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Do you really need to shred everything? Probably not…here’s a quick list of things to help you decide whether to toss or shred those papers.

Improve your financial life with BALANCE

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BALANCE Financial Fitness, our long-time partner, offers financial education in the form of a “toolkit”. With eight topics to choose from you can grab the right toolkit anytime to help you fix or improve your financial situation.

Make Your Phone Smart and Safe

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Take steps now to protect the information in your smart phone. With a few key habits you can save yourself some major problems later on.

IDT911 protects Mill City CU’s members from fraud and scams

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Fraud and scams are everywhere. Almost daily we hear about new scams or frauds that are affecting our friends and families. All of us are at risk! But have no fear, Mill City Credit Union is here to help you avoid these situations.