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Dollar Dog Kids Club™

You can’t start too early when teaching kids to be financially responsible. The Dollar Dog Kids Club is a fun way to help kids learn about the importance of saving.

The Dollar Dog Kids Club offers savings incentives, special events and contests. Plus, Dollar Dog’s Clubhouse is always open for learning, fun, and games!


Prizes for Saving? You bet!

Here at Mill City, we know that saving money as a kid can be hard. That’s why we want to reward kids for making deposits into their savings account. Here’s how it works: when they make their third, fifth, and tenth deposits of the year into their savings account, they’ll receive a special prize in the mail.* It’s that simple!

Joining Mill City and the Dollar Dog Kids Club is easy!

To join the Dollar Dog Kids Club, simply open an account at Mill City with an initial deposit of $5 or more. For a great place to save money you receive as a gift, check out our Youth Certificate. All kids ages 12 and under automatically join the Dollar Dog Kids Club upon account opening.

  • Exclusive invitations to special events and contests
  • Premium rate on youth certificates

Open an account today:

Start them saving! Open a youth membership with a minimum of just $5.

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Learn more about Youth Certificates:

Receive higher dividends! Open a youth certificate with a minimum of just $100.

Youth Certificates

*Deposits that will be included are those made by a teller (in-person or via postal mail) and mobile deposits.