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Make your retirement all you want it to be.

Preparing for a comfortable retirement should start as soon as possible — right now if you haven’t already started. It’s easy to put it off until after you get married, after you buy a house, after whatever is coming up next. But every month you delay saving for retirement significantly reduces the total savings you will have at retirement. According to the Social Security Administration, because we’re living longer, healthier lives we can expect to spend more time in retirement than our parents and grandparents will.

Something you can do right now – whether retirement is a few years out or you’re already part of the good life.

Download Direct Deposit Forms – With Mobile Money, Virtual Branch, Bill Pay, eBills and our vast ATM network, Mill City accounts travel well – especially since your distributions and social security can be directly deposited into your Mill City accounts.

Personal Assistance

Mill City is committed to understanding your savings goals and following through to help you meet them. The Mill City Investment Services investment professionals can tailor a portfolio of investments to fit your situation. They can help you with the big picture — from elder care options to life insurance and other investment opportunities.

Calculate your retirement savings

How much will you need to retire? It depends on your goals and lifestyle decisions as well as available resources like an employer-provided pension and retiree health benefits. Consider a no-cost or obligation portfolio review with Mill City Investment Services. The investment experts can help you balance your financial goals and savings contributions through stocks, bonds, annuities, life insurance, and a wide range of name brand mutual funds.


The tax advantages of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) can be a tremendous help in your goal to achieve financial security (consult your tax advisor regarding tax benefits). An IRA allows you to save in a tax-deferred account — meaning you don’t pay tax on the dividends until age 70½ when you’re required to begin taking yearly distributions from the account. Since your income will probably be lower when you retire, you likely will pay lower overall taxes on this money.

Savings accessibility

Mill City can help you find the best way to maximize your retirement savings, whether you’re looking for additional savings avenues or easy access; establish a high-yielding savings account for future expenses. From high-liquidity options like Money Market accounts to long-term Certificates, Mill City has great rates and we make accessing your money easy over the phone, in person through Virtual Branch or by Mobile Money.

Shared Branching is a convenient option for accessing your Mill City account no matter where your retirement journey takes you. Shared Branching is a network of thousands of credit unions that have joined together and created shared service centers across the country. Check balances, cash checks and make deposits, withdrawals or transfers just like having a Mill City branch wherever you are!