LSS Financial Counseling

Gain control of your finances, and your life

Mill City1 has partnered with LSS Financial Counseling Service, a non-profit education resource, to give members access to up to six complementary counseling sessions per year. Whether you want to get your finances in order, pay down debt, or reach your financial goals, LSS is ready to guide you through your next steps.

Counseling topics include:

  • Budget Counseling
  • Debt Management Plan
  • Credit Report Review
  • Mortgage Counseling
  • Student Loan Counseling
  • Financial Wellness

Gain control today.

Call LSS at 800-528-2926

If seeking bankruptcy counseling or debt consolidation assistance, a minimal fee may apply. If applicable, any and all costs will be communicated prior to receiving service.

1 Mill City and City & County Credit Union have formed a collaborative merger into one organization. When you link to the LSS Financial Counseling site you will see the City & County logo. Rest assured you are in the right place and as a Mill City member you will be served there.