Save The Date, Save Some Cash

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Some ways wedding guests can save money

by Chris O’Shea

Everyone knows getting married is expensive, but the bride and groom aren’t the only ones paying the price. According to a recent study from American Express, simply attending a wedding as a guest will cost you plenty. In 2016, the average wedding guest shelled out an average of $900. And that’s not including destination weddings. So what are people to do? Well, you could stop going to weddings, but that’s no fun. So here are some other suggestions that will save you some cash the next time someone you know gets hitched.

Plan ahead.

If you need to travel for the wedding, the sooner you know about the destination, the better. Look into flights early so you know what you’re working with, but wait to book. Monitor the flights that you like best, and when the price drops to something doable, make your move. Also, if there are multiple weddings on your calendar that involve flights, consider an airline credit card because you often get points just for signing up. Check local Airbnbs instead of hotels, as they can often be much cheaper.

Choose wisely.

Another big cost of attending a wedding is the gift. Before you even look at the registry, set a budget that works for you. Then, as The New York Times suggests, look for a personalized gift within that price range. You can also team up with other guests to purchase something more expensive.

Rent it.

Clothing for weddings can be expensive. Save yourself some cash by renting, not buying. For men, consider renting a suit from a site like SuitSupply. Women can do the same at Rent The Runway. These sites don’t just rent the basics, either. If you’re wanting to add a personal touch to your rented outfit, you can also get cufflinks, jewelry, purses, the works.