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Introducing Bill Capture


Add a bill to Bill Pay by taking a photo with your smartphone!

Set up new bills within Mill City’s bill pay faster and easier than ever before. It’s as easy at taking a photo with your smartphone. The Mobile Money app recently took an upgrade that allows for this new feature, and others.

It used to be that you could only add bills to Bill Pay within Virtual Branch – but no more! Now it’s simple to add a new bill by taking a photo of the bill from your Mobile Money app. The information from the bill is captured by the system, making that bill ready to pay when you want to pay it.

bill capture option within the Mobile Money app

What to look for?

  1. Requirement: you are a bill pay user that has accepted disclosures within Virtual Branch
  2. Log in to your Mobile Money app
  3. Choose the Payments option and find Bill Capture
  4. Follow the simple prompts