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The Shades of Beauty Expo, hosted by Highly Favored Events, LLC, is an event which was created to inspire and empower women of color to love who they are unconditionally and be unapologetically themselves.

Each year, we look to celebrate the beauty of women of color (both inside and out) while at the same time educating them on health concerns that affect their community and ways to be proactive in fighting those diseases and illnesses which in turn leads to a healthier life. We do this by honoring individuals in the Twin Cities community who work tirelessly to improve self-esteem among women and girls of color, minimize the health disparity gap, promote self-awareness, and encourage others to be the best that they can be.

We provide workshops, demonstrations, prizes, and free health screenings as well as showcase woman- and minority-owned Twin Cities small businesses. It is our desire that attendees of all ages will leave The Shades of Beauty Expo equipped to take control of their health, inspired to embrace their unique beauty, and committed to empowering others.

We truly feel blessed to be receiving this award! This financial contribution will aid us in increasing the number and types of health screenings offered as well as give us the ability to provide booth scholarships to newly formed small businesses looking to increase their exposure.-Sherryln Thompson, Owner & Chief Events Officer, Highly Favored Events, LLC/Shades of Beauty Expo

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