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My #MillPowerMoment

Safe and Wonderful Scholarship Offering

I want to formally thank you for your very generous scholarship of $3,000 toward my education at Concordia, Moorhead. I am so grateful for this scholarship as school is very expensive and I am working hard to find ways to fund it. I appreciate opportunities to apply for scholarships, but really appreciated yours because I learned a lot and feel more prepared to prevent fraud. Did you know there is a lot of scholarship fraud as well? Students apply for these fake scholarships, providing personal details about themselves, in hopes of receiving scholarship funds, only to be taken advantage of. The Mill City Credit Union scholarship program was a safe and wonderful opportunity that I am so proud to have received! Thank you also for all the work you do for your Mill City Credit Union members. I am more than just a customer and feel truly like a member of something special. Thank you again for the opportunity and the very generous scholarship. ~Amanda K.

Mill City Credit Union strives to empower each and every member to live out their best financial life. Each #MillPowerMoment represents one success story out of the 22,000+ lives we touch.

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