Personal Account Fees

Upcoming Fee Schedule effective June 1, 2019

Fee Schedule Amount
Abandoned Account/Bad Address $10/month
Account Research or Reconciliation $30/hour
ATM Card Rush Order $50 each
ATM Deposit Empty Envelope $30 each
Automatic Savings Withdrawal 1 free/month, $20 per additional
Card Replacement Debit/ATM $5 each
Check Cashing (Non-Member) $5 each
Check Copies (Cleared Checks) $5 each (free in Virtual Branch)
Check Copies (Deposited Checks) $5 each
Check Printing Varies
Collection Items $30 each
Courtesy Pay $30/item
Credit Union Checks 6 free/month, then $2 each
Debit Card Rush Order $50 each
Dormant Account (waived if balance is $200 or greater) $5/month
Duplicate Satisfaction $30 each
Essential Money Market Withdrawal 6 free/month, $10 per additional
Fed Ex $15 each
Fed Ex (Saturday or next morning) $25 each
FraudScout Identity Protection Varies
Fresh Start Checking $10/month
Garnishment/Levy $30 each
Gift Cards $3.95 each
Inactive Checking Account (after 90 days no member-initiated transactions) $5/month
International Debit/ATM Card Service up to 1.5% of transaction
Legal Process (includes writ, subpoena or summons, and other requests for information from law enforcement agencies) $100 each
LifeStages Identity Protection (free to households with checking) $1/month
Lien Perfection/Registration $10/loan
Lien Release Rush $30
Loan Rate Change varies
Mortgage Closing in the Name of a Trust $150 each
Mortgage Modification $1,000 each
Mortgage Subordination $175 each
Notary Public Free
Overdraft/Non-sufficient funds $30/item
Payment by Phone $15 each
Prepaid Card Purchase $4.95 or $5.95 each
Prepaid Card Reload $1 per reload of funds after initial load
Returned ACH $30/item
Returned Check $30/item
Returned Deposited Item (1st party) $30 each
Returned Deposited Item (3rd party) $15 each
Skip-a-Pay Processing $40 each
Statement Copies $5 each
Stop Payment $30 each
Wire Transfers (Incoming) Free
Wire Transfers (Outgoing Domestic) $25 each
Wire Transfers (Outgoing International) $50 each