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Mill Power Moments

Mill Power Moments

Show us what Mill Power does for you.

Mill City Credit Union strives to empower each and every member to live out their best financial life. Each #MillPowerMoment represents one success story out of the 22,000+ lives we touch.

Share your #MillPowerMoment:

Submit your success story in 3 easy steps:

  1. Click “Upload an Image” and upload a selfie or photo that best represents the goal we helped you achieve.
  2. Use the sizing and cropping tools to fit your photo to all edges of the square canvas.
  3. Fill out your information + tell us about your success story. Then click submit!

We’ll include your testimonial + photo on our #MillPowerMoment webpage.

Terms and Conditions

  • The submitter(s) agrees to permit the credit union to utilize his/her name and likeness in promotional and other credit union materials without additional compensation or permission, except where prohibited by law. Each entrant authorizes Mill City Credit Union to use any entry at the credit union’s sole discretion for future advertisement or publication purposes and relinquishes all rights to any future compensation or remuneration based on such use.
  • You certify that the photo you submit is your original work and not copyrighted.

High quality digital photographs only please: color or black and white. Format should be PNG or JPEG files with a minimum size of 700 pixels by 700 pixels. Photos taken on a smart phone fit these requirements.