Latest News

The CardValet app is better than ever!


We’re pleased to introduce an updated CardValet app! Better navigation, more options for controls just as you want them and real-time alerts for debit card transactions as always. CardValet is an amazing tool for fraud prevention on your debit card!

ATIRAcredit Fraud Prevention


Fraudsters will try anything to get your personal information. One attempt that has been tried on our member’s in the past is a call from an automated dialer notifying them their ATIRAcredit MasterCard account is being closed.

Mill City Credit Union’s Give-Back Campaign Sparks $30,000 Donation


Recently launched, our give-back campaign, Making the Greater Good Even Greater, was created to give thanks to both local non-profits and small businesses who make a difference in our community. Find out how our October winning non-profit, Hopewell Music Cooperative’s $935 donation became almost $30,000!

New Virtual Branch


Starting November 18, Virtual Branch will have a new look and new functionality. You’ll enjoy the flexibility to view Virtual Branch on any device – your PC, tablet or smart phone!

Apple Pay for credit cards is here!


Apple Pay is now available for Mill City Credit Union ATIRAcredit MasterCard credit cards! Making purchases is easier than ever with Apple Pay and your ATIRAcredit™ MasterCard®.

Mobile Deposit to savings!


We’re launching the enhancement we’ve all been waiting for! Mobile Deposits to savings accounts are now possible within the Mobile Money app.

More options in Virtual Branch


We are excited to announce four new Virtual Branch Forms within the Self Services, Member Requests section. Learn about the new requests you can make!

Enhanced Debit Card Security


It seems like there’s a new merchant card breach in the news far too often. So Mill City CU is always looking for better ways to protect your accounts and to reduce the cost of fraud that the credit union has to bear.

Popmoney Standard is FREE!!!


We’re excited to announce the elimination of a Popmoney fee! Prior to October 9, 2015, there was a 50 cent fee for Popmoney Standard. Now, and going forward, Popmoney Standard is FREE!