All Fun, No Stress

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Vacation should be a time of fun and sun. Yet how many times have you been on a vacation and encountered some sort of money stress? Perhaps you brought the wrong credit card, or maybe you forgot to set up auto bill paying. The key to avoiding these stressful moments is to prepare before you step on that plane to paradise. Check out these tips to make sure you’ll have no money stress during your next vacation.

The Hard Working Generation

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Pop quiz: Which generation do you think a recent study found to be more entitled — millennials or baby boomers? We don’t blame you if you answered millennials, but the answer is wrong. The stereotype that millennials are spoiled and expect the world on a silver platter continues to linger, but according to this report, that notion is incorrect. The baby boomer generation has a greater sense of entitlement than young people today.

A Discount A Day

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Thanks to technology, the golden years are getting much cheaper. That’s good news for many, especially when you consider how the cost of retirement keeps increasing. The latest Merrill Lynch Finances in Retirement Survey found that the average cost of retirement is now a whopping $738,400. And, of course, that’s just an average, so it could be higher. Or, thanks to some sites and apps, lower.

Easing Up

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Everyone, at some point in their lives, has felt some financial stress. No matter how much money you have or how little, there’s always something to worry about. The key to avoiding money stress? Well, there might not be one perfect solution. However, here some tips that can put you in the best position to alleviate as much financial stress as possible.

The Right Moves

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If you want to find bad news about young people and their money habits, it’s out there in droves. The doom and gloom is just a Google search away. However, today let’s take a different approach and focus on a recent study that found young people might be better at debt management and saving than we were led to believe.

Long View

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Seventy is the new 65, according to a new report from CareerBuilder. While 65 has long served as the age at which most people retire, the CareerBuilder study found that more than 50 percent of current workers plan to retire at age 70.

How to Save on Summer Airfare

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“Aruba, Jamaica, ooh, I wanna take you to Bermuda, Bahama, c’mon…” You don’t have to channel John Stamos to know the drill. And if you’re checking off any destinations on your own travel bucket list this summer? Well, the decision of when — and which carrier — to fly has obviously gotten more heated over the recent weeks. (And we’re not just talking about summer flight prices.) Here’s how to figure out if you’re getting a deal, a steal or something not so desirable.

Shooting for the Stars

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When it comes to careers, today’s teens are thinking big: new research from C+R, a market research company, shows teens are shooting for the stars, and not for the cubicles.

Hold Back

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The best part about online shopping can also be the worst: It’s just so easy. That seamlessness is a gift and a curse where your wallet is concerned. You are now free to buy almost everything from the comfort of your couch. So how do you stop yourself from overspending? This article gives you a few tips.