The New Password Guidelines You Should Know About

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There’s good news on the horizon for everyone who’s ever forgotten an online password. So, well, everyone. A few weeks ago the National Institute of Standards and Technology — the biggest influencer when it comes to password advice — revised its recommendations for creating passwords. Experts say they’re more likely to prevent break-ins and be a whole lot easier for people to manage.

Consolidating Debt


From holiday shopping to vacations to home improvements, without proper budgeting it’s not difficult to find yourself in serious debt. Here are the benefits of using a personal loan to better manage a tough financial situation.

Missed Out On Shred Day?

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On October 9, Mill City CU hosted a free Shred Day for members. Over 180 people contributed to nearly 6,500 pounds of paper being shredded. If you missed out, don’t fear! You have several alternative shredding options!

Shopping for a Healthier Deal

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If your car needs a repair, you wouldn’t just send it to the first auto shop you found, no matter the cost, right? Technically speaking, your body is a machine, so why wouldn’t you take care of it the same way? Yet a new study of 3,000 adults ages 65 and younger shows that people simply don’t shop around for health care coverage.

How to iSell

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Now that Apple has announced its newest iPhones (the 8 and the X), the mad race to trade in old iPhones for cash or credit has officially begun. If you’re considering trading in your old phone, you’re probably wondering where you can get the most cash for it. That largely depends on how much work you’re willing to put in to get that money.

Five steps to financial relief after surviving a natural disaster

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As any victim of a natural disaster knows, putting your life back together may take weeks, months or even years. Fortunately, when it comes to property and finances, you can take actionable steps to reclaim what you lost. This article’s tips can’t undo the damage, but they can put you on the road to financial recovery.

Staying Power

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American workers are living the high life. That’s according to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal, which studied Labor Department stats to find that the odds of a worker getting laid off are at historic lows. In other words, if you have a job, you’re likely to keep it. That’s some pretty good news for those with jobs.

Set Up the Sale

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Selling a home is never exactly easy, even in a seller’s market. There’s a lot of stress and confusion about the best way to get your house marketed and into contract. Those hoping for a quick, financially exciting sale years ago sought to increase their house’s “curb appeal.” Now, thanks to the Internet, your best strategy for selling your house is to maximize its online appeal.

Mortgage Rates Remain Low

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Fortunately for those hoping to still refinance, mortgage rates remain low. Here are 5 reasons to consider refinancing your home in 2017.

How to talk about finances

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Arguing with your significant other about money? You’re not alone. Nearly half of couples in long-term relationships admit to fighting over their finances, according to new research from The Cashlorette. Although it takes some work, getting on the same page about finances with your partner is necessary in the long haul — and some things you learn in the short haul (even on the first date) can be a red flag.