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The Good and The Bad

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According to a study from Northwestern Mutual, Americans are carrying more personal debt, yet still struggling to understand it. The report, which surveyed more than 2,000 adult consumers about their levels of debt and understanding of the concept, found that debt levels are increasing in part because many people have an incorrect view of what constitutes “good debt” and “bad debt.”

Media Matters

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The TV sitting in your living room might be more powerful than you ever imagined. That’s one takeaway from a new report that found the way you consume media might impact how you view money, wealthy people and those living in poverty. The phrase “kill your television” might have some merit after all.

Using the Growing Equity in your Home

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You might not realize that you’re sitting on a growing asset, an asset that is at its highest ever estimated level. That growing asset is the available equity in your home – equity that can be used to improve your financial position, such as paying off other high-interest debt.

No Pay for the Weary

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When you take a paid sick day, you’re doing the right thing for your physical and emotional wellbeing. You’re also making a positive impact on your wallet. You likely don’t think of it that way, but as a new report found, whether workers have paid sick leave or not has a tremendous impact on their finances.

A Three-Digit Monster

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Are you afraid of your credit score? If so, we understand. Those three little numbers seem — more than ever — to be looked at as a measure of your adulthood and overall capability. However, you’re only hurting yourself by avoiding that three-digit number. That’s one of the findings of a recent study from WalletHub.

Black, Front and Center

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The Rolling Stones hit “Paint It Black,” features lead singer Mick Jagger proclaiming, “I see a red door and I want it painted black.” Though recorded and released in 1966, the song carries significance today for — of all people — homeowners looking to sell. That’s because a recent study found that simply painting a home’s door black increased its sale price by thousands.

The Mystery of Cohabiting

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According to a study from the Pew Research Center, the number of couples who cohabit before getting married increased by 29 percent over the last decade. That’s not surprising, considering that people often consider living together a sort of “trial run” for marriage. What is interesting is that research has shown couples who cohabit before marriage have less wealth than those who don’t live together before getting hitched.

Common Insurance Myths, Debunked

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How informed are Americans about insurance basics? Not very. Americans are generally misinformed about life, home, auto and health insurance policies — and because of this lack of awareness, their wallets could be hurting. Here are some common myths — and the realities.

Nevermind the Old

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Shopping for a car for your high school grad? You’re probably thinking of getting something old, gigantic and ugly. Well, as the New York Times points out, that strategy might not be the best anymore.